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Liahona High School's Band

Under the direction of Fatafehi Vaha'i since 1999, Liahona's marching band has earned its place as one of the best brass bands in Tonga. They consistently place in the top positions at band and marching competitions, and their bright sound can be heard nearly every day on campus. Advanced students with previous musical experience, as well as those learning to play an instrument for the first time, can be part of the band.

The band leads the school as it marches at prominent events like the king's birthday celebration and opening day at parliament.

The Band and The Church

Instructing the marching band and teaching new players to make music keeps him busy, but it's something that Fehi loves to do. "I enjoy helping students develop their talents." Liahona's band has also proven to be an excellent missionary tool. "When we go and perform well, people look at the band and know the Church sets a high standard," said Fehi. "When the band does well, people who are not members of our Church look highly on the Church."

Nick Smith recently graduated from Brigham Young University and will attending law school at the University of Minnesota beginning August 2005. He and his wife, Lachelle, currently live in Liahona, Tongatapu, TONGA.
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