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Lib. Arts


Liahona Campus was start at 1968.There's 29 campus. There's lot of claassroom about 50 classroom together with office and also the business office. In the campus there's security who look after it and some workers whish those taht are doing the work here in Liahona to keep it clean and beatiful.


Well in Liahona there's lots of pretty and handsome teacher. Some of them are married and some are unmarried they still look for a husband.Also some of them are memberof the church and some of them are nonmember.Well they teach very well and they are helpful.They are very kind and nice. They smile too much and they are friendly. Well they are not tough but they are just doing their best.They are so many and they are diveded into different kind of subject to teach which is their major subject. Well some of our teacher they taught religion, Mathmetics, Accounting, Computers, Science,etc. They are well educated.

Moana Kupu

Well Moana Kupu is my faviourite teacher. She's my Accounting teacher from form 5 up to form 6. She's married and have four children which is 3girl and one little prince. She gratuated form Liahona at 29 of November 1990. She finish school here at Liahona and gratuated and she went for more educations at BYU Hawwaii.She love dancing and eating. She like jokes and reading, watching movies especially romatics movies. She's nice and she's friendly.
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