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One of the social activities of Liahona High School is Dancing. When the school have dance it is funny to ve their. To have fun with your friends. The students enjoyed. We loved it. Because the school administrations provide us Liahona High School's Students a lovely TJ. The TJ that the students like it. Sometime there are some lottle activities during the dancing. For example; like Samoan Hula, Hip Bob Dance, and so forth. Those that they are doing it, they are just a Liahona High School students.
At the end of the year there is a dance for the senior students. Just to celebrate their education. We called that dance is a GRADUATION DANCE. Like what i hath mentions above it is funny to be their. It is only for the form 6 or known as senior students are allow to be there with their parents of guardians. The school dance it happens just to celebrate something or to appreciate some good works was done. For example; like the sports if they did well, the school will have dance. If, and only if the administrations are agree with that idea.

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