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There have been students all over the pacific and other various places that come to attend the lovely school Liahona High School, There have been students from Tahiti, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia and also PNG. The students here in Liahona are well taught and are also well behaved. We have at Liahona bright and well educated students that finish from here and go on to higher levels like university’s and also try to go and get their bachelor degree’s and many more to come back to their lovely school and teach here.

Talented Students

The students of Liahona are really talented and also well committed to their sports team and talents, they also believe that the work of the lord helps them in all thy works and also getting through many school events. In Liahona there are also people that represent the school and put their efforts to every thing they do in physical and spiritual works. I have been around asking opinions of others and so far the students think that they are honored to be at this Church school not only that but they are blessed to be at the biggest and well educated school in Tonga. We also have friendly, sporty, cute, spiritually and also perfect matches here at Liahona High School.

Dorm Students

At Liahona we are also proud to say that we even have a dorm here in the campus. We have students from little islands around Tongatapu that stay in the Eua, Ha’apai, Niua and also Vava’u. These students socialize with the dorm boys and also enjoy the dorm life. They say “it’s like living at home but with a bigger family” and also the best thing is learning how to socialize with one another.


Teina, also known as (Siu) come from New Zealand and attended this lovely school in 2004 she is also a dorm student who enjoys the people in the campus and she plans to continue school (BYU) after graduating from Liahona High School. Teina also wants to serve a mission once she reaches the age of 21 years of age.
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